Teron Speedrun is the latest racing game from Teron Motors. Play now for free and take part in my study. It's only 90MB and the study will take about 10-15min :)

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My system shows the developer is unknown and the app can't be opened, what should I do?

The app is not signed from Microsoft or Apple so that's why this messages shows up. On macOS: Press Ctrl while clicking on the app; On Windows: just click "More Information" and that "Open Anyway".

Release Log

v0.8.9 - 07.07.2023
fix freeze

v0.8.8 - 30.6.2023
fix a bug in the registration form occurring only in v0.8.7

v0.8.7 - 27.6.2023
add enhanced settings for sound and quality

v0.8.6 - 23.6.2023
add widescreen support

v0.8.5 - 22.6.2023
add enhanced leader board functions

v0.8.4 - 20.6.2023
start of open beta phase